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Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering
Civil and Structural Engineering Environmental Engineering
Materials Engineering Metallurgical
Auto Accidents Accident Reconstruction
Appliances, Gas and Electric Building Codes
Failure Analysis Construction Defects
Personal Injury Fire & Explosion Investigations
Product Liability Weather Damage





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Residential fires Elevator drive Incinerator stack
Residential fires Elevator drive equipment damage Incinerator stack collapse
Structural collapse Structural collapse Industrial explosion
Structural collapse caused
 by hidden decay
Close-up of structural collapse
 caused by hidden decay
Industrial explosions
Building code violation Gas furnace fire Corroded gas piping
Building code violations Gas furnace fires Corroded gas piping
Vehicle accident Machine guarding Oil burner fire
Vehicle accidents Machine guarding Oil burner fire caused by crack
 in combustion chamber
Water supply freeze-up Ready to dive Underwater inspection
Bathroom water supply pipe
Mark Suchecki, P.E. getting ready
 to dive
Underwater inspection of split
 timber pile supporting pier
Electrical fire Construction Equipment Electrical fire
Electrical fire from overload Construction Equipment Accidents Electrical fire involving knob and
 tube wiring

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