Plick and Associates, Forensic Engineers are responsive from the start; from the courtesy of a timely return phone call, traveling to investigation sites, to delivery of preliminary findings.

Our engineers do not hide behind technical terms because if our clients do not understand our findings, how could a jury? Each report we write goes through a process that ensures it is understandable, logical, and irrefutable. In fact, we do our job so well, most of our assignments settle out of court. In the rare cases when they do not, we deliver expert testimony that is as infallible as our reports.

This customer focus is what makes Plick and Associates, Forensic Engineers different from other firms. We do not promise anything that we cannot deliver; and deliver we do, more intelligently, energetically, and cost effectively than almost anyone else. We realize that the truths about equipment failures/ malfunctions, accidents, fires, and other damages are not always obvious or easy to find. We also know that unless we streamline the process, the simplest assignment can turn into a real burden for our clients. After all, our clients pay us to make their jobs less difficult.


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